From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde of cancer immunotherapy

October 19, 2017

First authors of the publication Dr. Nicole Glodde and Dr. Tobias Bald in front of a picture showing neutrophils (red) and T cells (green). (c) Collage: Meri Rogava/Tobias Bald


Novel immunotherapies can strengthen the body’s own defenses against cancer cells. Treatment of patients with advanced disease can promote partial and complete tumor regressions. However, such strategies also frequently fail. The underlying mechanisms are incompletely understood. An international research team led by the University Hospitals of Magdeburg and Bonn has now discovered a previously unrecognized braking mechanism that limits the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies. Former Cluster Member Prof. Thomas Tüting and Cluster member Prof. Michael Hölzel published these findings in the renowned journal ‘Immunity’ and provide a scientific basis to further develop cancer immunotherapy.

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Publication: Reactive neutrophil responses dependent on the receptor tyrosine kinase c-MET limit cancer immunotherapy, „Immunity“, Internet: