The International Immunology Training Program Bonn - IITB

The IITB offers a highly interactive, stimulating research environment which fosters creative thinking and independent research and supports career development in the field of life and medical sciences.

At the beginning of the 3-year program, graduate students attend an introductory module and rotations in the laboratories of ImmunoSensation members. This orientation will introduce new students to the foci of our research groups, as well as the resources and expertise available within the ImmunoSensation Cluster of Excellence.


Seminar Series/ Courses

The structured program of the IITB includes a seminar series once a month which covers cutting-edge research areas and technologies. The seminars are followed by meet-the-expert events for IITB students. In addition, elective modules for graduate students will be offered in order to give students the opportunity to acquire additional technical skills, e.g. flow cytometry, genome-wide editing or in vivo imaging.

Furthermore, courses will be offered on general scientific methods, such as statistics and data presentation as well as key soft skills, such as scientific writing, oral presentations and conflict management.


Short Fellowships

If IITB students are interested in technical platforms that are not available within the Cluster, they can apply for a short-term fellowship for training in an external laboratory in Germany or abroad. The ImmunoSensation Cluster of Excellence is a member of the International Innate Immunity Consortium, and students are encouraged to participate in exchanges with our international collaborators.

Mentoring Program

Throughout the graduate program, IITB participants are guided by their supervisor and an additional mentor. This should ensure regular project-related discussions. The progress of each research project will also be followed in oral and written annual reports.


International Cooperation

Our cooperation with the Edmond and Lily Safra Center of Brain Sciences at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem allows for the initiation of a special training program for graduate students interested in neuro-immunology (Graduate Program Nervous-Immune Systems Interaction).

Prof. Gunther Hartmann (ImmunoSensation Cluster Bonn) and Prof. Hermona Soreq (Edmond and Lily Safra Center of Brain Sciences/ Hebrew University Jerusalem) together with young scientists from Jerusalem at Cluster Science Day 2013

Autumn School/ Retreat

As cooperation partner of the DGfI the ImmunoSensation Cluster of excellence offers IITB students to attend the Autumn School of Immunology. The Autumn School gives an up-to-date overview about the immune system for students with a background in natural science and medicine.

Furthermore, graduate students will have the possibility of attending a retreat for young scientists, where they can present their scientific achievements to the ImmunoSensation community as well as to national and international participants.


Cluster Science Day 2013 at caesar, Bonn