Bonn School of Advanced Studies in Immunology
- A place for creative scientific exchange and outstanding education -

The Bonn School of Advanced Studies in Immunology aims to provide a structured, intensive advanced training for early career postdoctoral scientists in order to prepare them for their future high-level international careers. The school combines regular meetings in the form of a Postdoc Meeting Series and an annual Young Scientists Symposium, inviting also external young scientists. The Postdoc Meeting Series within the framework of the Bonn School of Advanced Studies in Immunology is mainly organized by a team of postdocs. This ensures the optimum of support and the most effective networking of early career researchers with each other and by giving regular feedback to the CCO and to researchers on higher levels.

The contents of the regular meetings are:
· Invitations of guest speakers/ experts of a specific scientific field
· Method courses
· Soft skills workshops
· Round table discussions on a specific topic

Zoom Meeting of PostDoc Orga Team 2021

Members of the Postdoc Orga Team

Lara Hochfeld - Institute of Human Genetics
Clivia Lisowksi - Institute of Experimental Immunology
Damien Bertheloot - Institute of Innate Immunology
Reiner Schneider - Department of Surgery
Eva Beins - Institute of Human Genetics
Mylene Hübecker - Institute of Innate Immunology
Roisin McManus - DZNE