ImmunoSensation - the immune sensory system

Starting in 2020, the Immunosensation Cluster is introducing a new program for all PostDoc members of the Cluster.

This is a new platform for the development of your careers, skills and also network while working in Bonn and beyond. This program is run by PostDocs, for PostDocs, with key support of the Immunosensation Cluster.

We are planning the first Young Scientists Symposium, which will be held in 2021. This two-day meeting is open to PostDocs and final year PhD students from Bonn and the rest of the world. With this conference we will give you the opportunity to create new networks while also highlighting Bonn as a center for Immunology.

We are also planning lunch seminars and workshops where you will get material for the development of key skills, from leadership to grant writing and animal ethics in Germany. Another goal of this program is to promote collaboration and networking between our PostDocs, each bringing their own set of skills and knowledge. As many of the PostDocs in Bonn come from all parts of Germany, Europe and the world, we want to create an environment for everyone to feel quickly at home in Bonn for this new chapter of their lives. To achieve this, networking events including BBQ nights in summer, receptions in the colder months and writing cafés will be organized.

As all of you know, the COVID-19 crisis requires all of us to maintain a certain degree of isolation. Thus, as long as contact restrictions are in place, we will use online systems for seminars and workshops and will wait for the restrictions to ease up before planning in-person networking events.

If you're interested in staying up-to-date on events of the PostDoc program, visit this page regularly or sign up for our new mailing list. If you'd like to contact the members of the PostDoc Organization Team to pass on ideas for seminars/workshops or with more general questions or comments, please email us at postdoc_orgateam_immunosensation(at)