Executive Board

The executive board is composed of the speaker of the graduate school, the vice-speaker, two other members of the graduate school and the coordinator.


For the BIGS Immunosciences and Infection a new speaker was confirmed: Prof. Katrin Paeschke- Group leader DNA, RNA structures and genome stability. Currently in her lab she uses S. cerevisiae and human cell lines to understand the biological function of G-quadruplex structures and how this is connected to genome stability.

“As a speaker of the Graduate school I would like to support young scientist on their way to independence. With this program we aim to create a platform for PhD students to perform a high quality PhD work by creating an interactive and stimulating scientific environment.“

Prof. Katrin Paeschke - Speaker of the  BIGS Immunosciences and Infection

PhD student speakers

The PhD student speakers of the BIGS Immunosciences and Infection represent the interests of the PhD students in the BIGS Immunosciences and Infection Executive Board. They will participate in the planned PhD students’ council of the university.

PhD student speakers: Melanie Kastl and Amir Kayvanjoo

Melanie started her PhD in the lab of Professor Katrin Paeschke at the Medical Clinic III in February 2019. Her project focuses on the impact of G-Quadruplex formation in mouse macrophages.

Amir has started his PhD in 2018 in the lab of Professor Elvira Mass at Life and Medical Science Institute (LIMES). His research area is immunology and development and he is investigating the role of macrophages in hematopoiesis. He is also a member of the ImmunoSensation blog and pint of science and enjoys science related social activities.

"As PhD student speakers we want to improve the networking among the PhD students and will organizes events on a regular base. We want to support you and discuss your challenges, ideas and opportunities in combination with social activities. Please check the upcoming announcements! We are looking forward to meet you "

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PhD representatives Melanie Kastl and Amir Kayvanjoo