Why coming to Germany?

Germany is an ideal destination for studying! Higher education at world-class level, bustling cities, beautiful landscape and plenty of people from all over the world.

Germany is located at the heart of Europe. More than 83 million people live here – the most populous country in the European Union. Germany is one of the European Union's founding members and works to promote closer integration among the countries of Europe.  As a member of the United Nations (UN), Germany is committed to safeguarding world peace, complying with international law, protecting human rights and maintaining and driving forward the promotion of international cooperation, in accordance with the UN Charter.

Innovative ideas have strongly shaped Germany’s past and will surely continue to do so in the future. Germany has produced a long list of revolutionary inventions, such as the automobile, the airbag, X-ray technology, Aspirin, the computer, the chip card and the MP3 data compression format. In Germany, more inventions are patented than in any other country.

Experience Germany

Important Steps after arriving in Germany

After your arrival in Germany you have to take care of important formalitites.

Find accomodation.
Residents in Germany either live in a student hall of residence or a private accommodation. We recommend finding an accommodation before you arrive in Germany. You’ll most likely have to find a place to live on your own, because in contrast to other countries, German universities do not automatically assign rooms to students when they enrol.

Enrol into university if you are a PhD student.
All students have to enrol at university before they can commence their studies. The certificate confirming enrolment is called 'Immatrikulationsbescheinigung'. It’s an important document that you’ll need on future occasions. The enrolment period is often quite short. After you have enrolled, you will receive a student ID.

Obtain a residence permit.
As soon as you have found accommodation, you have to register with the local residents' registration office. The office gives you a written confirmation of Registration (Meldebestätigung). After that, you can apply for your residence permit.

For registering at the residents' registration office, you will need:

  • a passport (possibly with visa) or personal identification card and
  • a completed and signed housing confirmation from your landlord,
  • possibly a registration form from the residents' registration office.

Here you can find further information on How to obtain a residence permit.