Call to vote for DFG Review Boards 2019

October 21, 2019


Dear Cluster members and associated scientists,


as we already mentioned in July: the elections for the members of the DFG review boards for 2019 are starting today!

The DFG review boards scientifically evaluate proposal to fund research projects in their respective subject areas.

We are proud to announce that the following ImmunoSensation members and associated scientists were chosen as candidates:


Prof. Achim Hörauf; Subject Area 204-06 (Parasitology and biology of tropical infectious disease pathogens)

Prof. Irmgard Förster; Subject Area 204-05 (Immunology)

Prof. Christian Kurts; Subject Area 205-16 (Nephrology)

Prof. Waldemar Kolanus; Subject Area 201-03 (Cell Biology)

Prof. Matthias Geyer; Subject Area 201-01 (Biochemistry)

Prof. Peter Brossart; Subject Area 205-14 (Hematology, Oncology) 

We hereby call you to vote and encourage you to elect your representatives for the DFG review boards! Voting is possible from today, October 21, 2 pm, until November 18, 2 pm.

Each person entitled to vote has 6 votes and can distribute up to 3 votes to one person.

Researchers who have successfully passed the oral doctoral examination before the first day of the election period, and Professors (including junior professors) are qualified for active eligibility to vote!

More information can be found here: