Cluster goes Charity

August 03, 2020

Immuno sitting in all donated bottle caps from Cluster members. Picture by Cluster Coordination Office


Cluster goes Charity!

All of our cluster member were invited to collect bootle caps, which have have a certain amount of recyclable materials which can be reused.

Similar to gold this resource will be recycled and the earnings will be donated to the FÖRDERKREIS BONN E.V..
For more than 35 years, the Förderkreis Bonn e.V. has been at the side of young
patients of the oncology ward of the University Children’s Hospital Bonn. From overnight accommodation close to the clinic for parents, games, handicrafts, workshops or holiday periods for patients and their siblings, psycho-oncological and psychosocial counselling, palliative care to support for the paediatric oncology ward. (More information:

We want to say - Thank you! - to all our members who donated such a massive amount of bottle caps.

We are still happy to receive any bottle cap in our office located in the basement of BMZI.