Ground-Breaking Ceremony BMZ II

September 05, 2016

© Rolf Müller / UK Bonn


On Wednesday, August 31 2016, the ground-breaking ceremony for the new BMZ II - Biomedical Center II - took place.

Here research groups of the ImmunoSensation Cluster of Excellence and the DZIF - German Center for Infection Research- will be housed.

With the support of the Minister for Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia - Svenja Schulze - representatives of the ImmunoSensation Cluster of Excellence (Prof. Gunther Hartmann), the University Hospital Bonn (Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve), the DZIF (Prof. Achim Hörauf), the University of Bonn (Prof. Michael Hoch) and the Medical Faculty (Prof. Nicolas Wernert) undertook the ground-breaking ceremony and gave speeches about the development of the immunological research in Bonn.

Find the german press release here.