ImmunoSensation featured in german podcast

December 01, 2022


The german science podcast "Exzellent Erklärt" episode #23 is all about our immune system

In the current episode of "Exzellent Erklärt - Spitzenforschung für alle" (Explained excellently - cutting-edge research for everyone) ImmunoSensation speaker Prof. Gunther Hartmann of the University Hospital Bonn and our member Prof. Elvira Mass of the LIMES Institute at Bonn University take a detailed look onto our immunsystem. The episode is available on all major podcast platforms.

Prof. Dr. Gunther Hartmann explains what the innate and acquired immune system is all about and how we can use mRNA vaccines to specifically support our immune system in defending against viruses. Prof. Elvira Mass talks about environmental influences on the immune system. For one, studies have shown that we all have microplastic particles in our bodies - to what extent this harms us is what her team is trying to explore. She also explains how factors such as maternal obesity transfer to the unborn child and eventually accompany it throughout its life.

The German science podcast on current science topics reflects the research diversity of the Germany’s leading research institutions and Clusters of Excellence: from Africa Studies to Quantum Physics. In each episode, listeners can expect insights into the interdisciplinary work of one research network. The researchers of the clusters of excellence, funded by DFG ( talk to podcaster Larissa Vassilian about how they want to find scientifically sound answers to relevant topics of our time – for the society of tomorrow. Listen in and follow us!

Listen to Episode #23 "Unser Immunsystem - von Entzündungen, Impfung und Mikroplastik":


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