International School on Advanced Immunology

June 21, 2022


We are pleased to announce that the ImmunoSensation2-IFReC International School on Advanced Immunology for early-career immunologists from all over the world premieres in Japan this year. The school is jointly organized by ImmunoSensation2 and the Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC) of Osaka University.

Focus is on a mixed group of international participants. ImmunoSensation2 can select up to 5 participants from Cluster groups. Further applications from Cluster scientists, e.g. directly through the school’s website, cannot be considered.

Who can apply?
PhD students in their final year and postdocs within three years since obtaining their PhD are eligible.


How to apply?

Internal applicants (ImmunoSensation2 scientist):

Fill the application form, and add

- CV

- letter of motivation for attending the school

- letter of recommendation from your supervisor

Combine all documents in a single .pdf file of max. 5 MB and send it to applications-immunosensation(at) until June 30th, 2022.

Applications through the schools website can not be considered for cluster scientists!


External applicants (scientist outside ImmunoSensation2):

Find all requirements and forms here. Deadline: July 22nd, 2022

What are the terms?

Participants are required to give a poster presentation and a short oral presentation. Participation in the entire program (4 days) is mandatory.

Cost of airfare and accommodation will be covered by the school.