New corona mass test developed by Cluster member

July 02, 2021

The development team behind the LAMP-Seq method (l-r): Dr. Dr. Ricarda Schmithausen (Institute of Hygiene and Public Health), Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk (Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology), Dr. Kerstin Ludwig (Institute of Human Genetics) and Dr. Per Hoffmann (Institute of Human Genetics), photographed on the campus of the University Hospital Bonn. Photo credit: University Hospital Bonn / F. Heyder


Cluster member Jonathan Schmid-Burgk and colleagues developed a new corona test that is up to 100 times more sensitive than rapid antigen tests. The "LAMP-Seq" test is based on sequencing technology and can analyze a large number of swabs simultaneously with similar high sensitivity to the commonly used qPCR test. The innovative method offers great potential, especially for systematic testing in day care centers, schools or companies. The results of the study on the new Corona test have been published in the renowned journal "Nature Biotechnology". WDR Lokalzeit from Bonn also reported about this new Corona test and talked to the scientists involved.

You can find the German press release here:

TV report from the WDR Lokalzeit (German):


Publication: Kerstin U. Ludwig, Ricarda M. Schmithausen, David Li, Max L. Jacobs, Ronja Hollstein, Katja Blumenstock, Jana Liebing, Mikolaj Slabicki, Amir Ben-Shmuel, Ofir Israeli, Shay Weiss, Thomas S. Ebert, Nir Paran, Wibke Rüdiger, Gero Wilbring, David Feldman, Bärbel Lippke, Nina Ishorst, Lara M. Hochfeld, Eva C. Beins, Ines H. Kaltheuner, Maximilian Schmitz, Aliona Wöhler, Manuel Döhla, Esther Sib, Marius Jentzsch, Jacob D. Borrajo, Jonathan Strecker, Julia Reinhardt, Brian Cleary, Matthias Geyer, Michael Hölzel, Rhiannon Macrae, Markus M. Nöthen, Per Hoffmann, Martin Exner, Aviv Regev, Feng Zhang, Jonathan L. Schmid-Burgk: "LAMP-Seq enables sensitive, multiplexed COVID-19 diagnostics using molecular barcoding", Nature Biotechnology,