ImmunoSensation and the Biomedicine Team Win the Excellence Science Slam!!

August 27, 2018

Team Biomedicine: Roman Stilling, Ann-Charlott Schneider and Jan Niklas Hansen. (c) Volker Lannert/ Uni Bonn

David Fußhöller interactively selection the oder of the slammer (c) Volker Lannert/ Uni Bonn

Ann-Charlott Schneider (c) Volker Lannert/ Uni Bonn


The two Excellence Clusters of the University of Bonn, ImmunoSensation and Hausdorf Center for Mathematics organized a joint Science- Slam that was held at the Arkadenhof of the University of Bonn. The slam also received support from the student iGEM-Team Bonn. 
The two teams went head to head, with each having 3 slammers selected from all over Germany who presented on their respective topics. In the end, the public was charged with the task of determining the winner through casting of beads. And through a clear vote, measured  on measuring cylinders ImmunoSensation and its biomedicine team won. Roman Stilling who presented on microbiome was selected as the slammer of the night. 

The open-air event had an attendance of over 800 people, and as an appetizer Prof. Melin Tolan presented a non-competitive slam on the physics in James Bond movies! The slammers consisted of biologist, mathematician and physicist. Team ImmunoSensation had: Roman Stilling, Ann-Charlott Schneider and Jan Niklas Hansen, while Hausdorff Center for Mathematics had: Wadim Wormsbecher, Florian Kern and Reinhard Remfort. 

A big thank you to the Slammers, the moderators; Thoralf Räsch and David Fußhöller, the student iGEM-team and the members of public for their attendance and vote.

Congratulation to Roman Stilling and the Biomedicine team for winning!! ImmunoSensation won!!  

Photos are available here

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