Melbourne - Bonn excellence academy BM-AXIS starts

August 25, 2017

(f.l.) Prof. Dr. Christian Kurts, Lucie Delforge, Prof. Dr. Robert Finger. Picture: Katharina Wislsperger/UKB-Ukom

Doherty-Institute University Melbourne © Casamento Photography, Peter Casamento


A new excellence academy: BM-AXIS (Bonn & Melbourne Academy for Exellence in ImmunoSciences/Infection) is getting funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Within the next 5 years more then 100.000 Euro per year will be used to provide a better scientific transfer between Melbourne and Bonn.

The exchange program for scientific excellence wants to enhance the Bonn-Melbourne activities by sending german scientists to Melbourne and vice versa.

Congratulation to Prof. Christian Kurst, cluster member and spokes person of the newly established BM-AXIS.

Find the german press release here.