New Family Room at the BMZ

June 26, 2019

L-R; Sandra Rathmann (IEI), Lucie Delforge (IEI), Dr. Simon Görgen (SFB/Transregio 237), Dr. Alexandra Kraemer and Sophie Krimmer (ImmunoSensation)


We are very happy to announce the opening of our family room at the BMZ.  The opening ceremony was attended by Mrs. Kolits, a representative of the family service PME and Mrs Banavas from the office of gender equality of the UKB. The more than 40 guests had the opportunity to ask questions, exchange their experiences and have a look in our family room.
For our Cluster scientists, the family room can be used to provide childcare by the family service of PME when the regular daycare is closed due to unforeseen reasons. If you organize your own childcare- you can use it after booking the room at notes
If you have questions concerning the pme family service or the family room, please contact