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JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2019 Aug 12.

1-Year Outcomes After Edge-to-Edge Valve Repair for Symptomatic Tricuspid Regurgitation: Results From the TriValve Registry.

Mehr M, Taramasso M, Besler C, Ruf T, Connelly KA, Weber M, Yzeiraj E, Schiavi D, Mangieri A, Vaskelyte L, Alessandrini H, Deuschl F, Brugger N, Ahmad H, Biasco L, Orban M, Deseive S, Braun D, Rommel KP, Pozzoli A, Frerker C, Näbauer M, Massberg S, Pedrazzini G, Tang GHL, Windecker S, Schäfer U, Kuck KH, Sievert H, Denti P, Latib A, Schofer J, Nickenig G, Fam N, von Bardeleben S, Lurz P, Maisano F, Hausleiter J

The purpose of this study was to evaluate procedural and 1-year clinical and echocardiographic outcomes of patients treated with tricuspid edge-to-edge repair.

PMID: 31395215