ImmunoSensation - the immune sensory system

Mol Nutr Food Res. 2019 Aug 6.

A. muciniphila exerts lipid-lowering and immunomodulatory effects without affecting neointima formation in hyperlipidemic APOE*3-Leiden.CETP mice.

Katiraei S, de Vries MR, Costain AH, Thiem K, Hoving LR, van Diepen JA, Smits HH, Bouter KE, Rensen PCN, Quax PHA, Nieuwdorp M, Netea MG, de Vos WM, Cani PD, Belzer C, van Dijk KW, Berbée JFP, van Harmelen V

Akkermansia muciniphila (A. muciniphila) is an intestinal commensal with anti-inflammatory properties both in the intestine and other organs. We aimed to investigate the effects of oral administration of A. muciniphila on lipid metabolism, immunity and cuff-induced neointima formation in hyperlipidemic APOE*3-Leiden (E3L).CETP mice.

PMID: 31389129