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Neurogastroenterol Motil . 2021 Dec 23

Application of a RiboTag-based approach to generate and analyze mRNA from enteric neural cells

Patrick Leven, Reiner Schneider, Kevin D Siemens, Walker S Jackson, Sven Wehner

Background: Transcriptional profiling of specific intestinal cell populations under health and disease is generally based on traditional sorting approaches followed by gene expression analysis. Therein, specific cell populations are identified either by expressing reporter genes under a cell type-specific promotor or by specific surface antigens. This method provides adequate results for blood-derived and tissue-resident immune cells. However, in stromal cell analysis, cellular stress due to digestion often results in degraded RNA. Particularly, ramified cells integrated into the tissue, such as enteric neurons and glial cells, suffer from these procedures. These cell types are involved in various intestinal processes, including a prominent immune-regulatory role, which requires suitable approaches to generate cell-specific transcriptional profiles.

PMID: 34939271