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J Chemother. 2020 Jan 21.

Comparison of cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity when using conventional versus short hydration in gastric cancer-a retrospective study.

Aoyama T, Tsunoda T, Kato H, Hagino A, Furutani R, Ito K, Yoshioka H, Nakamura M, Hiraide M, Kawakami K, Kobayashi K, Suzuki K, Ichimura T, Yamaguchi K, Hama T

Although a short hydration protocol for cisplatin has been recently developed for use in lung cancer, this has yet to be established for gastric cancer. This study reviewed medical records of patients with gastric cancer who received XPT(capecitabine/cisplatin/trastuzumab) therapy containing cisplatin. Patients received either the conventional or short hydration regimen. Nephrotoxicity was compared between these two regimens by monitoring the serum creatinine. Out of the 26 total patients, 19 received the conventional regimen while 7 received the short hydration regimen. There was a higher nephrotoxicity was observed in the group receiving the conventional regimen (42.1%, 8/19) as compared to the short hydration regimen (0%, 0/7). There was a statistically significant difference in nephrotoxicity between the regimens ( = 0.039). Study results suggest that short hydration may be a feasible regimen for XPT therapy in gastric cancer patients.

PMID: 31960769