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Int J Tryptophan Res . 2022 Sep 27

Microbiome-Related Indole and Serotonin Metabolites are Linked to Inflammation and Psychiatric Symptoms in People Living with HIV

Nadira Vadaq, Yue Zhang, Elise Meeder, Lisa Van de Wijer, Muhammad Hussein Gasem, Leo Ab Joosten, Mihai G Netea, Quirijn de Mast, Vasiliki Matzaraki, Arnt Schellekens, Jingyuan Fu, André Jam van der Ven

Background: People living with HIV (PLHIV) exhibit dysregulation of tryptophan metabolism. Altered gut microbiome composition in PLHIV might be involved. Mechanistic consequences within the 3 major tryptophan metabolism pathways (serotonin, kynurenine, and indoles), and functional consequences for platelet, immune and behavioral functions are unknown. We investigated plasma tryptophan metabolites, gut microbiome composition, and their association with platelet function, inflammation, and psychiatric symptoms.

PMID: 36187510