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Transplantation. 2018 Dec 21.

Outcome of liver transplant patients with high urgent priority. Are we doing the right thing?

de Boer J, Braat A, Putter H, de Vries E, Strassburg CH, Máthé Z, van Hoek B, Braun F, van den Berg A, Mikulic D, Michielsen P, Trotovsek B, Zoller H, de Boer J, van Rosmalen M, Samuel U, Berlakovich G, Guba M,

About 15% of liver transplantations in Eurotransplant are currently performed in patients with a high-urgency (HU) status. Patients that have acute liver failure or require an acute retransplantation can apply for this status. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of this prioritization.

PMID: 30489481