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Life Sci . 2020 Nov 1;

Parameters predicting COVID-19-induced myocardial injury and mortality

G D Duerr, A Heine, M Hamiko, S Zimmer, J A Luetkens, J Nattermann, G Rieke, A Isaak, J Jehle, S A E Held, J C Wasmuth, M Wittmann, C P Strassburg, P Brossart, M Coburn, H Treede, G Nickenig, C Kurts, M Velten

Clinical manifestations of COVID-19 affect many organs, including the heart. Cardiovascular disease is a dominant comorbidity and prognostic factors predicting risk for critical courses are highly needed. Moreover, immunomechanisms underlying COVID-induced myocardial damage are poorly understood.

PMID: 32918975