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J Affect Disord. 2019 Dec 23.

Predictive power of the ADHD GWAS 2019 polygenic risk scores in independent samples of bipolar patients with childhood ADHD.

Grigoroiu-Serbanescu M, Giaroli G, Thygesen JH, Shenyan O, Bigdeli TB, Bass NJ, Diaconu CC, Neagu AI, Forstner AJ, Degenhardt F, Herms S, Nöthen MM, McQuillin A

Although there is evidence of genetic correlation between bipolar disorder (BP) and ADHD, the extent of the shared genetic risk and whether childhood ADHD (cADHD) influences the characteristics of the adult BP remain unclear. Our objectives were: (i) to test the ability of polygenic risk scores (PRS) derived from the latest PGC ADHD-GWAS (Demontis et al., 2019) to predict the presence of cADHD in BP patients; (ii) to examine the hypothesis that BP preceded by cADHD is a BP subtype with particular clinical traits and (iii) partially shares its molecular basis with ADHD.

PMID: 31791676