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BMC Bioinformatics. 2012 Sep 12.

Quick, "imputation-free" meta-analysis with proxy-SNPs.

Meesters C, Leber M, Herold C, Angisch M, Mattheisen M, Drichel D, Lacour A, Becker T

Meta-analysis (MA) is widely used to pool genome-wide association studies (GWASes) in order to a) increase the power to detect strong or weak genotype effects or b) as a result verification method. As a consequence of differing SNP panels among genotyping chips, imputation is the method of choice within GWAS consortia to avoid losing too many SNPs in a MA. YAMAS (Yet Another Meta Analysis Software), however, enables cross-GWAS conclusions prior to finished and polished imputation runs, which eventually are time-consuming.

PMID: 22971100