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Glia. 2013 Apr 30.

Siglec-h on activated microglia for recognition and engulfment of glioma cells.

Kopatz J, Beutner C, Welle K, Bodea LG, Reinhardt J, Claude J, Linnartz-Gerlach B, Neumann H

Sialic-acid-binding immunoglobulin-like lectin-h (Siglec-h) is a recently identified mouse-specific CD33-related Siglec that signals via DAP12/TYROBP. Expression of Siglec-h has been observed on plasmacytoid dendritic cells and microglia, but the ligand and the function of Siglec-h remained elusive. Here, we demonstrate gene transcription and protein expression of Siglec-h by mouse microglia after interferon-γ treatment or polarization into a M1-subtype. Microglial Siglec-h acted as phagocytosis receptor since targeting of microsphere beads to Siglec-h triggered their uptake into the microglia. The extracellular domain of Siglec-h protein bound to mouse glioma lines, but not to astrocytes or other normal mouse cells. Microglial cells stimulated to express Siglec-h engulfed intact glioma cells without prior induction of apoptosis and slightly reduced glioma cell number in culture. Phagocytosis of glioma cells by activated microglia was dependent on Siglec-h and its adapter molecule DAP12. Thus, data show that M1-polarized microglial cells can engulf glioma cells via a DAP12-mediated Siglec-h dependent mechanism.

PMID: 23633299