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J Immunol. 2019 Jul 31.

Singleton-Merten Syndrome-like Skeletal Abnormalities in Mice with Constitutively Activated MDA5.

Soda N, Sakai N, Kato H, Takami M, Fujita T

Singleton-Merten syndrome (SMS) is a type I interferonopathy characterized by dental dysplasia, aortic calcification, skeletal abnormalities, glaucoma, and psoriasis. A missense mutation in encoding a cytoplasmic viral RNA sensor MDA5 has recently been identified in the SMS patients as well as in patients with a monogenic form of lupus. We previously reported that mice express a constitutively active MDA5 and spontaneously develop lupus-like nephritis. In this study, we demonstrate that the mice also exhibit SMS-like bone abnormalities, including decreased bone mineral density and thin cortical bone. Histological analysis revealed a low number of osteoclasts, low bone formation rate, and abnormal development of growth plate cartilages in mice. These abnormalities were not observed in ・ and ・ mice, indicating the critical role of type I IFNs induced by MDA5/MAVS-dependent signaling in the bone pathogenesis of mice, affecting bone turnover. Taken together, our findings suggest the inhibition of type I IFN signaling as a possible effective therapeutic strategy for bone disorders in SMS patients.

PMID: 31366715