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Schizophr Res. 2019 Jan 3.

The influence of religious activity and polygenic schizophrenia risk on religious delusions in schizophrenia.

Anderson-Schmidt H, Gade K, Malzahn D, Papiol S, Budde M, Heilbronner U, Reich-Erkelenz D, Adorjan K, Kalman JL, Senner F, Comes AL, Flatau L, Gryaznova A, Hake M, Reitt M, Schmauß M, Juckel G, Reimer J, Zimmermann J, Figge C, Reininghaus E, Anghelescu IG, Konrad C, Thiel A, von Hagen M, Koller M, Stierl S, Scherk H, Spitzer C, Folkerts H, Becker T, Dietrich DE, Andlauer TFM, Degenhardt F, Nöthen MM, Witt SH, Rietschel M, Wiltfang J, Falkai P, Schulze TG

Religious delusions are a common symptom in patients experiencing psychosis, with varying prevalence rates of religious delusions across cultures and societies. To enhance our knowledge of this distinct psychotic feature, we investigated the mutually-adjusted association of genetic and environmental factors with occurrence of religious delusions.

PMID: 30611655