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Thromb Haemost. 2018 Dec 19.

The Inter-Relationship of Platelets with Interleukin-1β-Mediated Inflammation in Humans.

Tunjungputri RN, Li Y, de Groot PG, Dinarello CA, Smeekens SP, Jaeger M, Doppenberg-Oosting M, Cruijsen M, Lemmers H, Toenhake-Dijkstra H, Aguirre-Gamboa R, Kumar V, Wijmenga C, Joosten LAB, Netea MG, van der Ven A, de Mast Q

 Inflammation and coagulation are key processes in cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). The Canakinumab Anti-inflammatory Thrombosis Outcome Study trial affirmed the importance of inflammation in CVD by showing that inhibition of the interleukin (IL)-1β pathway prevents recurrent CVD. A bi-directional relationship exists between inflammation and coagulation, but the precise interaction of platelets and IL-1β-mediated inflammation is incompletely understood. We aimed to determine the inter-relationship between platelets and inflammation-and especially IL-1β-in a cohort of healthy volunteers.

PMID: 30453346