ImmunoSensation - the immune sensory system

Z Geburtshilfe Neonatol. 2018 Nov 4.

[Treatment of HIV in Pregnancy - Progress Over One Decade].

Pitzen IC, Otten LA, Dresbach T, Boesecke C, Wasmuth JC, Mueller A, Gembruch U, Merz WM, Strassburg CP, Haberl A, Rockstroh JK, Poralla S, Schwarze-Zander C

Worldwide, 37 million people are infected with HIV; more than 50% are women. Currently, MTCT (mother-to-child transmission) can be reduced to<1%. The intention of the present study was to analyze the development of (1) the course of pregnancy of HIV-infected women, (2) the mode of delivery and (3) the post-exposure prophylaxis of the newborn over the last decade.

PMID: 30513543