The 25 applicants of ImmunoSensation2 cover different areas of expertise to collaboratively adress the scientific objectives of the research program. While for each applicant their main expertise is indicated, applicants regularly contribute to different research areas, as highlighted by numerous joint publications across disciplines.

Innate immune sensing: Kato, Wachten, Latz, Hörauf, Hartmann

Tumor immunobiology: Paeschke, Hölzel

Functional genomics and systems immunology: Schultze, Schlitzer, Netea, Nöthen, Betz, Zimmer

Neuroscience and neuro-immune interactions: Heneka, Breteler, Bradke, Pankratz, Beck

Immune cell interaction; Organ-specific immunity and Immunomodulation by infection: Förster, Abdullah, Wilhelm, Kiermaier, Kurts, Kolanus

Structural Biology: Geyer

Mathematical modeling: tba