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Science Communication - Workshop Series

09:00 am - 02:00 pm

Lehrgebäude (A10)
Venusberg-Campus 1
University Hospital Bonn

The Science Communication Workshop Series goes into another round. Again we offer ImmunoSensation scientists the possibility to improve their communcation skills. This round, the speakers training and video workshop is complemented by a seminar on writing for the public. Regsitration is open now!

Nothing in science has any value, if it is not communicated.

Welcome to the SciCom Workshop Series!

Below you find the workshops planned for the first half of 2023.
We offer 8 spots per workshop.Registration for PhD students and Posdocs is open now. If you are a senior scientist, interested in improving your communication skills or want to expand the science communication activity of your group / institute, please contact for personal trainings and customized group seminars.

#1 Writing for the public: from press release to web text

February 21st, 09:00 am - 02 pm, Lehrgebäude (building A10) UKB Campus

#2 Speakers training: bring your science to the stage

April 4th, 09:00 am - 02 pm, Lehrgebäude (building A10) UKB Campus

#3 Video in science communication: plan/record/edit

June 08th, 09:00 am - 02 pm, Lehrgebäude (building A10) UKB Campus

register now (ImmunoSensation2 scientists only)