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Master of Science (MSc) Programs

ImmunoSensation2 is proud to offer two individual Master's courses. We are looking for outstanding students with a profound interest in immunological topics.

Students who want to focus on medical sciences are encouraged to apply for the Master's course "Medical Immunosciences and Infection" offered by the Medical Faculty.

Students with deeper interest in systems biology are encouraged to apply for the Master's course "Immunobiology" offered by the Life & Medical Sciences Institute at the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty.

Both courses are research oriented and can graduates can apply for doctoral studies within the Bonn International Graduate School Immunosciences and Infection.


MSc "Medical Immunosciences and Infection"

The Master's program "Medical Immunosciences and Infection" at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn is a two-year, research-oriented, international degree program. The curriculum is divided into thematically related and self-contained modules, which are taught in English. The main objective of the Master of Science in Medical Immunosciences and Infection is to train highly talented students for a future career in medical research. The course content focuses on the underlying mechanisms and treatment of immune-mediated, inflammatory and infectious diseases.

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MSc "Immunobiology - from molecules to integrative systems"

The Master's program "Immunobiology - from molecules to integrative systems" at the LIMES Institute of the University of Bonn provides a two-year in-depth training in both immunology and systems biology. The aim of the program is to provide a detailed understanding of the molecular and structural processes of the immune system, combined with in-depth knowledge and practical training in systems biology. Up to 25 students per year are admitted to this program. Applicants should have a B.Sc. degree in molecular biomedicine, immunology, biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics or related fields. Selection is based on academic merit.

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