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Dr. Anne-Kathrin Gellner


Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Venusberg-Campus 1 53127 Bonn

We are interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of psychological stress on the brain and behavior, and how stress effects can be modulated by exercise and diet. We combine behavioral and genetic animal models with in vivo imaging of neurons and microglia to understand their structural and functional stress response. Endocrine and molecular changes are assessed in blood and cerebrospinal fluid to identify translational markers of individual vulnerability to stress.

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Gellner

Recent publications

  • SKA2 regulated hyperactive secretory autophagy drives neuroinflammation-induced neurodegeneration.

    Nature communications

    Authors: Jakob Hartmann, Thomas Bajaj, Joy Otten, Claudia Klengel, Tim Ebert, Anne-Kathrin Gellner, Ellen Junglas, Kathrin Hafner, Elmira A Anderzhanova, Fiona Tang, Galen Missig, Lindsay Rexrode, Daniel T Trussell, Katelyn X Li, Max L Pöhlmann, Sarah Mackert, Thomas M Geiger, Daniel E Heinz, Roy Lardenoije, Nina Dedic, Kenneth M McCullough, Tomasz Próchnicki, Thomas Rhomberg, Silvia Martinelli, Antony Payton, Andrew C Robinson, Valentin Stein, Eicke Latz, William A Carlezon, Felix Hausch, Mathias V Schmidt, Chris Murgatroyd, Sabina Berretta, Torsten Klengel, Harry Pantazopoulos, Kerry J Ressler, Nils C Gassen

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