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Prof. Dr. Eva Bartok


Institute for Experimental Hematology and Transfusion Medicine

Medical Faculty, University of Bonn University Hospital of Bonn Sigmund-Freud-Strasse 25 53105 Bonn

+49 228 28751167


Eva Bartok

Recent publications

  • Publication categories: Top publication

    A conserved isoleucine in the binding pocket of RIG-I controls immune tolerance to mitochondrial RNA.

    Nucleic acids research

    Authors: Ann Kristin de Regt, Kanchan Anand, Katrin Ciupka, Felix Bender, Karl Gatterdam, Bastian Putschli, David Fusshöller, Daniel Hilbig, Alexander Kirchhoff, Charlotte Hunkler, Steven Wolter, Agathe Grünewald, Christina Wallerath, Christine Schuberth-Wagner, Janos Ludwig, Katrin Paeschke, Eva Bartok, Gregor Hagelueken, Gunther Hartmann, Thomas Zillinger, Matthias Geyer, Martin Schlee

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  • Unexpected bonds: Ubiquitin-like conjugation of cGAS/CD-NTases supports their enzymatic activity and antiphage defense.

    Signal transduction and targeted therapy

    Authors: Katarzyna Andryka-Cegielski, Sofía Soler, Eva Bartok

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  • Influenza A Infection Stimulates RIG-I and Enhances Effector Function of Primary Human NK Cells.

    International journal of molecular sciences

    Authors: Adham Abuelola Mohamed, Sofía Soler, Julia Wegner, Eva Bartok, Sanda Stankovic, Andrew G Brooks, Martin Schlee

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