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Prof. Dr. Dagmar Wachten

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Institute of Innate Immunity

Venusberg - Campus 1 53127 Bonn


We aim to understand how cilia work and what their function is. Cilia are subcellular compartments that protrude from the surface of almost every mammalian cell. Cilia can be grouped into two major classes: a) primary cilia, which are immotile and b) motile cilia, which are also called flagella. A prominent example for the latter are sperm flagella. Ciliary dysfunction leads to severe diseases commonly referred to as ciliopathies. They comprise e.g. polycystic kidney disease, obesity, blindness, and infertility. However, the signaling pathways controlling ciliary function are ill-defined. To study ciliary signaling with high spatial and temporal precision, we combine optogenetics and genetically-encoded biosensors with high-resolution microscopy, mouse genetics, and biochemistry. This multidisciplinary approach allows not only to investigate ciliary signaling, but can be applied to any subcellular compartment to study its function with spatial and temporal resolution.

Recent publications

  • From Planning Stage Towards FAIR Data: A Practical Metadatasheet For Biomedical Scientists.

    Scientific data

    Authors: Lea Seep, Stephan Grein, Iva Splichalova, Danli Ran, Mickel Mikhael, Staffan Hildebrand, Mario Lauterbach, Karsten Hiller, Dalila Juliana Silva Ribeiro, Katharina Sieckmann, Ronja Kardinal, Hao Huang, Jiangyan Yu, Sebastian Kallabis, Janina Behrens, Andreas Till, Viktoriya Peeva, Akim Strohmeyer, Johanna Bruder, Tobias Blum, Ana Soriano-Arroquia, Dominik Tischer, Katharina Kuellmer, Yuanfang Li, Marc Beyer, Anne-Kathrin Gellner, Tobias Fromme, Henning Wackerhage, Martin Klingenspor, Wiebke K Fenske, Ludger Scheja, Felix Meissner, Andreas Schlitzer, Elvira Mass, Dagmar Wachten, Eicke Latz, Alexander Pfeifer, Jan Hasenauer

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  • Opposing roles of resident and infiltrating immune cells in the defence against Legionella longbeachae via IL-18R/IFN-γ/ROS axis in mice.

    Mucosal immunology

    Authors: Lara M Oberkircher, Victoria M Scheiding, H Linda Rafeld, Eric Hanssen, Jan N Hansen, Markus J Fleischmann, Nina Kessler, David Pitsch, Dagmar Wachten, Wolfgang Kastenmüller, Andrew S Brown, Elizabeth L Hartland, Ian R van Driel, Garrett Z Ng, Natalio Garbi

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  • Publication categories: Top publication

    Cold-induced expression of a truncated adenylyl cyclase 3 acts as rheostat to brown fat function.

    Nature metabolism

    Authors: Sajjad Khani, Hande Topel, Ronja Kardinal, Ana Rita Tavanez, Ajeetha Josephrajan, Bjørk Ditlev Marcher Larsen, Michael James Gaudry, Philipp Leyendecker, Nadia Meincke Egedal, Aylin Seren Güller, Natasa Stanic, Phillip M M Ruppert, Isabella Gaziano, Nils Rouven Hansmeier, Elena Schmidt, Paul Klemm, Lara-Marie Vagliano, Rainer Stahl, Fraser Duthie, Jens-Henning Krause, Ana Bici, Christoph Andreas Engelhard, Sabrina Gohlke, Peter Frommolt, Thorsten Gnad, Alvaro Rada-Iglesias, Marta Pradas-Juni, Tim Julius Schulz, Frank Thomas Wunderlich, Alexander Pfeifer, Alexander Bartelt, Martin Jastroch, Dagmar Wachten, Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld

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