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Prof. Dr. Andreas Schlitzer

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)

University of Bonn Carl-Troll-Strasse 31 53115 Bonn

+49 228 7362738


The aim of our research is to understand the complexity and function of dendritic cells and monocytes during health and disease. A major focus lies on the developmental processes leading to the functional specialization of dendritic cell subsets and monocytes. To analyse these highly heterogeneous compartments we use state of the art technologies such as single cell mRNA sequencing, multi-colour fish and advanced flow cytometry. Taken together we are investigating how the development of dendritic cells and monocytes shapes their functional specialization during homeostasis and disease.

Recent publications

  • Unveiling Macrophage Heterogeneity and Their Spatial Distribution Using Multiplexed Tissue Imaging.

    Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)

    Authors: David Alejandro Bejarano, Andreas Schlitzer

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  • Dendritic cell type 3 arises from Ly6C monocyte-dendritic cell progenitors.


    Authors: Zhaoyuan Liu, Haiting Wang, Ziyi Li, Regine J Dress, Yiwen Zhu, Shuangyan Zhang, Donatella De Feo, Wan Ting Kong, Peiliang Cai, Amanda Shin, Cécile Piot, Jiangyan Yu, Yaqi Gu, Mingnan Zhang, Caixia Gao, Lei Chen, Honglin Wang, Mathias Vétillard, Pierre Guermonprez, Immanuel Kwok, Lai Guan Ng, Svetoslav Chakarov, Andreas Schlitzer, Burkhard Becher, Charles-Antoine Dutertre, Bing Su, Florent Ginhoux

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  • Dedicated macrophages organize and maintain the enteric nervous system.


    Authors: Maria Francesca Viola, Marta Chavero-Pieres, Elodie Modave, Marcello Delfini, Nathalie Stakenborg, Maria Cuende Estévez, Naomi Fabre, Iris Appeltans, Tobie Martens, Katy Vandereyken, Hannah Theobald, Jens Van Herck, Philippe Petry, Simon Verheijden, Sebastiaan De Schepper, Alejandro Sifrim, Zhaoyuan Liu, Florent Ginhoux, Mohamad Azhar, Andreas Schlitzer, Gianluca Matteoli, Katrin Kierdorf, Marco Prinz, Pieter Vanden Berghe, Thierry Voet, Guy Boeckxstaens

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