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Prof. Dr. Christoph Wilhelm

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Institute of Clinical Chemistry & Clinical Pharmacology

Medical Faculty, University of Bonn University Hospital of Bonn Sigmund-Freud-Strasse 25 53127 Bonn

+49 228 28751721


The research team of Prof. Christoph Wilhelm studies the metabolic control of mucosal immune cells to better understand what distinguishes their protective function in infection from immune-mediated pathology and chronic inflammation. Specifically, we aim to untangle how dietary restriction and fasting affect the immune system and how exogenous and endogenous metabolites influence barrier immune cell function. We have found that a ketogenic diet can be used as an effective dietary intervention strategy for the treatment of chronic airway inflammation and that ketogenesis triggered by severe respiratory infections supports T cell function by providing ketone bodies as an alternative carbon source. Our central goal is to understand the link between Westernization and the growing health problem of chronic inflammation, as well as the increased susceptibility to infections in people with metabolic diseases.

Recent publications

  • Fluorogenic Chemical Probes for Wash-free Imaging of Cell Membrane Damage in Ferroptosis, Necrosis, and Axon Injury.

    Journal of the American Chemical Society

    Authors: Philipp Mauker, Daniela Beckmann, Annabel Kitowski, Constanze Heise, Chantal Wientjens, Andrew J Davidson, Simone Wanderoy, Gabin Fabre, Angelika B Harbauer, Will Wood, Christoph Wilhelm, Julia Thorn-Seshold, Thomas Misgeld, Martin Kerschensteiner, Oliver Thorn-Seshold

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  • Retinoic acid drives intestine-specific adaptation of effector ILC2s originating from distant sites.

    The Journal of experimental medicine

    Authors: Nikhat Shaikh, Alex Waterhölter, Ann-Christin Gnirck, Martina Becker, Virginia Adamiak, Lena Henneken, Malte Wunderlich, Wiebke Hartmann, Lara Linnemann, Tobias B Huber, Christian F Krebs, Ulf Panzer, Richard M Locksley, Christoph Wilhelm, Minka Breloer, Jan-Eric Turner

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  • Increased Alveolar Epithelial Damage Markers and Inflammasome-Regulated Cytokines Are Associated with Pulmonary Superinfection in ARDS.

    Journal of clinical medicine

    Authors: Konrad Peukert, Andrea Sauer, Benjamin Seeliger, Caroline Feuerborn, Mario Fox, Susanne Schulz, Lennart Wild, Valeri Borger, Patrick Schuss, Matthias Schneider, Erdem Güresir, Mark Coburn, Christian Putensen, Christoph Wilhelm, Christian Bode

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