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Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Institute of Clinical Chemistry & Clinical Pharmacology

Medical Faculty, University of Bonn University Hospital of Bonn Venusberg - Campus 1 53127 Bonn

+49 228 28751650


Innate immune responses can be life-saving or life-threatening. Our group studies immune signaling pathways at the molecular and cellular level, for which we are developing new technologies like CRISPaint and in-cellulo sequencing. Besides that, we work on algorithms to search for unknown diversity in sequencing data in order to characterize self-diversifying systems.

Jonathan Schmid-Burgk

Recent publications

  • Design principles for cyclin K molecular glue degraders.

    Nature chemical biology

    Authors: Zuzanna Kozicka, Dakota J Suchyta, Vivian Focht, Georg Kempf, Georg Petzold, Marius Jentzsch, Charles Zou, Cristina Di Genua, Katherine A Donovan, Seemon Coomar, Marko Cigler, Cristina Mayor-Ruiz, Jonathan L Schmid-Burgk, Daniel Häussinger, Georg E Winter, Eric S Fischer, Mikołaj Słabicki, Dennis Gillingham, Benjamin L Ebert, Nicolas H Thomä

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  • Publication categories: Top publication

    Antiviral signalling by a cyclic nucleotide activated CRISPR protease.


    Authors: Christophe Rouillon, Niels Schneberger, Haotian Chi, Katja Blumenstock, Stefano Da Vela, Katrin Ackermann, Jonas Moecking, Martin F Peter, Wolfgang Boenigk, Reinhard Seifert, Bela E Bode, Jonathan L Schmid-Burgk, Dmitri Svergun, Matthias Geyer, Malcolm F White, Gregor Hagelueken

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  • Myoglobin regulates fatty acid trafficking and lipid metabolism in mammary epithelial cells.

    PloS one

    Authors: Julia Armbruster, Mostafa A Aboouf, Max Gassmann, Angela Egert, Hubert Schorle, Veit Hornung, Tobias Schmidt, Jonathan L Schmid-Burgk, Glen Kristiansen, Anne Bicker, Thomas Hankeln, Hao Zhu, Thomas A Gorr

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