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Prof. Dr. Mihai Netea

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)

University of Bonn Carl-Troll-Strasse 31 53115 Bonn

+31 24 361 8819


The goal of my research efforts is to translate information obtained through the assessment of human genetic variation in patients into novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. My group has a strong track record on translating genetic information into understanding pathophysiological mechanisms of disease. I have a broad expertise on the host mechanisms responsible for the recognition of bacterial and fungal pathogens and the activation of the innate immune system, on the one hand, and the genetic susceptibility to infections on the other hand. I have described the epigenetic mechanisms mediating innate immune memory (‘trained immunity’) for the first time.

Recent publications

  • HIV immunological non-responders are characterized by extensive immunosenescence and impaired lymphocyte cytokine production capacity.

    Frontiers in immunology

    Authors: Wilhelm A J W Vos, Adriana Navas, Elise M G Meeder, Marc J T Blaauw, Albert L Groenendijk, Louise E van Eekeren, Twan Otten, Nadira Vadaq, Vasiliki Matzaraki, Bram van Cranenbroek, Kees Brinkman, Jan van Lunzen, Leo A B Joosten, Mihai G Netea, Willem L Blok, Andre J A M van der Ven, Hans J P M Koenen, Janneke E Stalenhoef

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  • A comprehensive genetic map of cytokine responses in Lyme borreliosis.

    Nature communications

    Authors: Javier Botey-Bataller, Hedwig D Vrijmoeth, Jeanine Ursinus, Bart-Jan Kullberg, Cees C van den Wijngaard, Hadewych Ter Hofstede, Ahmed Alaswad, Manoj K Gupta, Lennart M Roesner, Jochen Huehn, Thomas Werfel, Thomas F Schulz, Cheng-Jian Xu, Mihai G Netea, Joppe W Hovius, Leo A B Joosten, Yang Li

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  • Increased innate immune responses in adolescents with obesity and its relation to subclinical cardiovascular measures: An exploratory study.


    Authors: Siroon Bekkering, Christoph Saner, Boris Novakovic, Toby Mansell, Danielle K Longmore, Zoe McCallum, Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Markus Juonala, Mihai G Netea, Matthew A Sabin, Richard Saffery, Niels P Riksen, David P Burgner

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