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Prof. Dr. Tobias Bald

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Institute of Experimental Oncology

Medical Faculty, University of Bonn University Hospital of Bonn Venusberg-Campus 1 53127 Bonn

+49 228 28751192


Our mission is to improve the treatment and prolong the survival of cancer patients. Using preclinical cancer models and patient-derived material we aim to decipher the complex interactions between immune cells and cancer cells to identify novel druggable targets. Our current research focuses on understanding the importance of activating receptors in anti-cancer immune responses.

Tobias Bald

Recent publications

  • Author Correction: Tumor immunoevasion by the conversion of effector NK cells into type 1 innate lymphoid cell.

    Nature immunology

    Authors: Yulong Gao, Fernando Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, Tobias Bald, Susanna S Ng, Arabella Young, Shin Foong Ngiow, Jai Rautela, Jasmin Straube, Nic Waddell, Stephen J Blake, Juming Yan, Laurent Bartholin, Jason S Lee, Eric Vivier, Kazuyoshi Takeda, Meriem Messaoudene, Laurence Zitvogel, Michele W L Teng, Gabrielle T Belz, Christian R Engwerda, Nicholas D Huntington, Kyohei Nakamura, Michael Hölzel, Mark J Smyth

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  • Author Correction: The NK cell granule protein NKG7 regulates cytotoxic granule exocytosis and inflammation.

    Nature immunology

    Authors: Susanna S Ng, Fabian De Labastida Rivera, Juming Yan, Dillon Corvino, Indrajit Das, Ping Zhang, Rachel Kuns, Shashi Bhushan Chauhan, Jiajie Hou, Xian-Yang Li, Teija C M Frame, Benjamin A McEnroe, Eilish Moore, Jinrui Na, Jessica A Engel, Megan S F Soon, Bhawana Singh, Andrew J Kueh, Marco J Herold, Marcela Montes de Oca, Siddharth Sankar Singh, Patrick T Bunn, Amy Roman Aguilera, Mika Casey, Matthias Braun, Nazanin Ghazanfari, Shivangi Wani, Yulin Wang, Fiona H Amante, Chelsea L Edwards, Ashraful Haque, William C Dougall, Om Prakash Singh, Alan G Baxter, Michele W L Teng, Alex Loukas, Norelle L Daly, Nicole Cloonan, Mariapia A Degli-Esposti, Jude Uzonna, William R Heath, Tobias Bald, Siok-Keen Tey, Kyohei Nakamura, Geoffrey R Hill, Rajiv Kumar, Shyam Sundar, Mark J Smyth, Christian R Engwerda

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  • Integration of on-treatment modified Glasgow prognostic score (mGPS) to improve imaging-based prediction of outcomes in patients with non-small cell lung cancer on immune checkpoint inhibition.

    Lung cancer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    Authors: Jonas Saal, Tobias Bald, Markus Eckstein, Damian J Ralser, Peter Brossart, Jörg Ellinger, Michael Hölzel, Niklas Klümper

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