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Prof. Dr. U. Benjamin Kaupp


center of advanced european studies and research (caesar)

Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2 53175 Bonn

+49 228 9656100


Biophysics of sensory systems. Physiology of receptors and ion channels in cellular signaling. Cell motility and chemotaxis. Development of chemical tools for kinetic techniques in cell biology.

Recent publications

  • Control of intracellular pH and bicarbonate by CO diffusion into human sperm.

    Nature communications

    Authors: Elena Grahn, Svenja V Kaufmann, Malika Askarova, Momchil Ninov, Luisa M Welp, Thomas K Berger, Henning Urlaub, U Benjamin Kaupp

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  • Structural basis of calmodulin modulation of the rod cyclic nucleotide-gated channel.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

    Authors: Diane C A Barret, Dina Schuster, Matthew J Rodrigues, Alexander Leitner, Paola Picotti, Gebhard F X Schertler, U Benjamin Kaupp, Volodymyr M Korkhov, Jacopo Marino

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  • A Stable Chemokine Gradient Controls Directional Persistence of Migrating Dendritic Cells.

    Frontiers in cell and developmental biology

    Authors: Thomas Quast, Karolin Zölzer, Donald Guu, Luis Alvarez, Carsten Küsters, Eva Kiermaier, U Benjamin Kaupp, Waldemar Kolanus

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