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Immunology at the Science Festival Bonn

In July 2023 the University of Bonn's Science Festival took place for the first time. With the best weather and free admission, people interested in cience could get an overview of the current research topics of the University of Bonn. In addition to scientific topics, a varied stage program offered entertainment for the entire family. Several food-trucks rounded of a great day at Hofgarten Bonn.

The researchers of the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2 presented different topics, from the connection of the immune system with our nutrition, to the role of different microorganisms of the intestine, to unraveling the molecular structures of proteins. In addition to a science quiz, interested visitors could isolate DNA from bananas or model immune cells from play dough under the guidance of scientists. Of course, this was not without an explanation of the role played by each cell in defending against pathogens and maintaining one's own health.

It was also possible to listen to the podcast "Exzellent Erklärt" at an audio station. Those who missed the episode "Our immune system - from inflammation, vaccination and microplastics" (german language) may find it on all common platforms. Prof. Gunter Hartmann from the University Hospital Bonn and Prof. Elvira Mass from the LIMES Institute at the University of Bonn talk about the general functioning of our immune system, the function and effect of vaccinations and the potential dangers of microplastics in our environment and in our bodies.

We thank the organizers and all visitors for a great day of science and enjoyment at the Hofgarten Bonn. See you next year!

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Visit from China

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Multimedia report "Beyond the boundaries"

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