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School Project about Healthy Food and the Immune System

Learning about nutrition in a school podcast

Junior researchers Dr. Anette Christ and Dr. Elisabeth Jurack at the University of Bonn receive 10,000 euros from the BMBF and "Wissenschaft im Dialog" for their idea: How do we eat in the 21st century? Bonn schoolchildren will soon be able to deal with this question together with scientists in a podcast. The biologists from the Cluster of Excellence impressed with their communication idea in the Germany-wide university competition "Show your research!" And are among the ten winning teams who will each receive 10,000 euros for implementing their ideas.

The aim of the competition launched by the "Science in Dialogue" initiative this year is to promote projects that deal with dwindling resources, environmental pollution and the climate crisis and to enter into dialogue with the public. The competition is thematically embedded in the Science Year 2020 | 21 - Bioeconomy. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the project.

In their project "Nutrition in a School Podcast" the scientists are developing a podcast together with pupils from the Liebfrauen School in Bonn, in which the participants learn how the bioeconomy and a healthy diet are related. The young people don't keep their knowledge to themselves, but share it in eight self-produced podcast episodes on podcast platforms such as or Spotify.

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News categories: Outreach

Multimedia report "Beyond the boundaries"

The multimedia report "Beyond the boundaries" introduces some outstanding group leaders at ImmunoSensation². The report highlights the scientific work of three young scientist, focussing on their innovative research approaches as well as showcasing the excellent research environment at the University of Bonn. The project was suported by the Henriette Herz Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
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Students in the Lab

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Open Schooling Project MULTIPLIERS

As part of the Bonn Open Science Community (OSC), ImmunoSensation² participates in the pan-european open schooling project MULTIPLIERS. Together with partners from the University of Bonn, local schools, museums, NGOs and industry, the OSC steps up to strengthen science education and scientific thinking. The Horizon 2020 project promotes open schooling, a new way to learn that makes science more meaningful and directly relevant to everyday life & realworld challenges. In December 2022 the project finally took the step into the classroom.
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Exzellent Erklärt Folge #23

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ImmunoSensation featured in german podcast

In the current episode of "Exzellent Erklärt - Spitzenforschung für alle" (Explained excellently - cutting-edge research for everyone) ImmunoSensation² speaker Prof. Gunther Hartmann of the University Hospital Bonn and our member Prof. Elvira Mass of the LIMES Institute at Bonn University take a detailed look onto our immunsystem. The episode is available on all major podcast platforms.
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