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Health-related quality-of-life and treatment satisfaction of individuals with hemophilia A treated with turoctocog alfa pegol (N8-GP): a new recombinant extended half-life FVIII.

Patient preference and adherence

Authors: Susan Kearney, Leslie J Raffini, Tan P Pham, Xin Ying Lee, Sylvia von Mackensen, Andrea Landorph, Hideyuki Takedani, Johannes Oldenburg

BACKGROUND: Prophylactic treatment regimens lead to improvements in health-related quality-of-life (HRQoL) among individuals with hemophilia. Turoctocog alfa pegol (N8-GP) provides the benefit of extending the duration of protection from bleeding and reducing the number of injections, which is expected to impact HRQoL and treatment satisfaction (TS).

AIM: To investigate the HRQoL and TS of patients with severe hemophilia A from two phase III trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of N8-GP.

METHODS: HRQoL was assessed using the Haemo-QoL (reported by children and their parents) and Haem-A-QoL (reported by adults). TS was assessed using Hemo-Sat. Domain and total scores for all questionnaires ranged from 0 to 100, with lower scores indicating a better HRQoL or TS. A negative change in score indicates an improvement in HRQoL/TS.

RESULTS: Mean changes in HRQoL scores were reported for 14 children aged 4-7 years, 21 children aged 8-11 years, 10 adolescents aged 13-16 years, and 163 adults (17 years and above). Mean changes in children/adolescents-reported Haemo-QoL total score were -14.0 for ages 4-7 years, -3.6 for ages 8-11 years, and -0.1 for ages 13-16 years. Mean changes in parent-reported Haemo-QoL total scores were -11.5 for 4-7 years, -8.6 for ages 8-11 years, and -4.0 for 13-16 years. Adults' mean change in Haem-A-QoL total score was -3.1 for those receiving on-demand treatment and -2.3 for those receiving prophylaxis treatment. High levels of TS with N8-GP were reported by parents of children/adolescents and the adults at the end of the trial.

CONCLUSION: While most patients reported a relatively good baseline HRQoL when entering the respective trials, the HRQoL of patients was either maintained or further improved when treated with N8-GP. Adults and parents of children and adolescents reported a high level of treatment satisfaction with N8-GP.

PMID: 31040652

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