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Nestin expression in osteocytes following myeloablation and during bone marrow metastasis.

British journal of haematology

Authors: Ruth-Miriam Koerber, Rebekka K Schneider, Jessica Ellen Pritchard, Lino L Teichmann, Udo Schumacher, Peter Brossart, Ines Gütgemann

Nestin is an intermediate filament protein, which was originally detected in neuroepithelial stem cells. Besides its use as a phenotypic marker of mesenchymal stem cells in the hematopoeitic stem cell niche, the functional interpretation of nestin cells remains elusive. We investigated the cellular expression of nestin in bone marrow trephine biopsies of MPN patients, following myeloablation at a stage of hypocellularity during early regeneration. Here, nestin is highly expressed in mature osteocytes, arteriolar endothelial and perivascular cells and small capillaries within the bone marrow space, but not in sinusoid lining cells. This is in stark contrast to nestin expression pattern in myeloproliferative neoplasms that show hypercellularity due to oncogenic driver mutations. Here, nestin is expressed exclusively in endothelial cells of arterioles, but not in osteocytes or small capillaries. Thus, the pattern of nestin expression following myeloablation inversely correlates with cellularity in the bone marrow. This nestin expression pattern is mimicking early postnatal transcriptional programming during bone marrow development. We show that nestin expression in osteocytes occurs across different species following transplant and also in bone marrow metastasis.

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PMID: 36382360

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