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Dr. Lorenzo Bonaguro


Life and Medical Sciences Institute (Limes)

Raum No. B.3.031-050 (DZNE), Venusberg-Campus 1, 53127 Bonn

+49 228 43302691

Our research group in molecular and translational immunomics uses a systems-level omics approach to understand how the immune system functions in health and disease. We integrate classical hypothesis-driven research with high-resolution, high-throughput technologies, such as single-cell RNA sequencing, and advanced analytical methods, including artificial intelligence approaches.
Specifically, we are interested in how environmental exposures like diet and pollution affect the immune system's ability to respond to challenges. We investigate the exposome's influence on immune response and vaccination efficacy using model systems like tonsil organoids and computational tools to decipher the molecular mechanisms that govern immune fitness.

Dr. Bonaguro

Recent publications

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    The life-saving benefit of dexamethasone in severe COVID-19 is linked to a reversal of monocyte dysregulation.


    Authors: Rainer Knoll, Elisa T Helbig, Kilian Dahm, Olufemi Bolaji, Frederik Hamm, Oliver Dietrich, Martina van Uelft, Sophie Müller, Lorenzo Bonaguro, Jonas Schulte-Schrepping, Lev Petrov, Benjamin Krämer, Michael Kraut, Paula Stubbemann, Charlotte Thibeault, Sophia Brumhard, Heidi Theis, Gudrun Hack, Elena De Domenico, Jacob Nattermann, Matthias Becker, Marc D Beyer, David Hillus, Philipp Georg, Constantin Loers, Janina Tiedemann, Pinkus Tober-Lau, Lena Lippert, Belén Millet Pascual-Leone, Frank Tacke, Gernot Rohde, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath, Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba, Thomas Ulas, Julia K Polansky, Birgit Sawitzki, Leif E Sander, Joachim L Schultze, Anna C Aschenbrenner, Florian Kurth

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  • Cost-Efficient Transcriptomic-Based Drug Screening.

    Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE

    Authors: Jacqueline Leidner, Heidi Theis, Michael Kraut, Alice Ragogna, Marc Beyer, Joachim Schultze, Jonas Schulte-Schrepping, Caterina Carraro, Lorenzo Bonaguro

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