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Prof. Dr. Aleksdandra Pandyra


Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology

Zone North, Building B12, Room 409 Venusberg-Campus 1 53127 Bonn

+49 228 28751971

Our laboratory uses in vivo models to investigate anti-tumoral and anti-viral immune responses and exploits them to uncover novel immune boosting therapies. The pre-clinical translational aims of our research focus on discovering novel immunomodulatory repurposing candidates that reduce the deleterious effects of chronic viral infections and malignant tumors. For example, using an ex vivo screening strategy where T cells were co-cultured with tumor cells, we identified 5-Nonyloxytryptamine (5-NL), a serotonin agonist, as increasing the ability of T cells to target tumor cells through induction of MHC-I expression. Ultimately, we aim to boost the body’s immune system to counteract the effects of an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment which often impedes immunotherapeutic treatment and supports tumor progression. Further integral to our work is dissecting how vaccine-induced immune training modulates the TME and the key components shaping its plasticity including myeloid infiltrating immune cells. Our work focuses on poorly immunogenic tumors including childhood leukemia due to the integral role that the untrained immune system plays in its initiation.