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Prof. Dr. Alexander Effland

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Institute for Applied Mathematics

Endenicher Allee 60 53115 Bonn

+49 228 732719


Alexander Effland

Recent publications

  • Determining individual glomerular proteinuria and periglomerular infiltration in a cleared murine kidney by a 3D fast-marching algorithm.

    Kidney international

    Authors: Alexander M C Böhner, Alexander Effland, Alice M Jacob, Karin A M Böhner, Zeinab Abdullah, Sebastian Brähler, Ulrike I Attenberger, Martin Rumpf, Christian Kurts

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  • Combining CNNs and Markov-like Models for Facial Landmark Detection with Spatial Consistency Estimates.

    Journal of imaging

    Authors: Ahmed Gdoura, Markus Degünther, Birgit Lorenz, Alexander Effland

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  • Artificial Contrast: Deep Learning for Reducing Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents in Neuroradiology.

    Investigative radiology

    Authors: Robert Haase, Thomas Pinetz, Erich Kobler, Daniel Paech, Alexander Effland, Alexander Radbruch, Katerina Deike-Hofmann

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