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Prof. Dr. Marc Hübner

Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology

+49 228 28719177


My lab focuses on different aspects of helminth (worm) infections: 1) Protective immune responses against filariae and especially the protective role of eosinophils and the contribution of extracellular DNA traps (ETosis), 2) Filarial immunomodulation and its beneficial impact on life-style diseases such as diet-induced insulin resistance, 3) Preclinical testing of drug candidates for filariasis in order to identify novel macrofilaricidal drugs in collaboration with partners from industry and not-for-profit-organizations. For these investigations we use the Litomosoides sigmodontis rodent model and perform human studies with filariasis patients in sub-Saharan Africa.

Recent publications

  • Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis-how common and how severe is it as a complication of malaria? Retrospective case series and review of the literature.


    Authors: Hans Martin Orth, Dorothea Wiemer, Sophie Schneitler, Andreas Schönfeld, Martha Charlotte Holtfreter, Smaranda Gliga, Andre Fuchs, Frieder Pfäfflin, Claudia Maria Denkinger, Sven Kalbitz, Carlos Fritzsche, Marc P Hübner, Janina Trauth, Björn-Erik Ole Jensen, Tom Luedde, Torsten Feldt

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  • First case of Dirofilaria hongkongensis infection in Germany presenting as a breast tumour.

    Journal of travel medicine

    Authors: Jakob Schroeder, Camilla Rothe, Achim Hoerauf, Inge Kroidl, Kenneth Pfarr, Marc P Hübner

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  • The efficacy of the benzimidazoles oxfendazole and flubendazole against is dependent on the adaptive and innate immune system.

    Frontiers in microbiology

    Authors: Frederic Risch, Johanna F Scheunemann, Julia J Reichwald, Benjamin Lenz, Alexandra Ehrens, Joséphine Gal, Frédéric Fercoq, Marianne Koschel, Martina Fendler, Achim Hoerauf, Coralie Martin, Marc P Hübner

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