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Prof. Dr. Matthias Geyer

Member, Steering-Committee Member

Institute of Structural Biology

University Bonn, Department of Structural Immunology, Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25, D-53127 Bonn

+49 228 28751400


The Geyer lab is interested in the regulation of transcription and the molecular mechanisms that govern immune receptor activation. We use a variety of techniques from molecular biology and biochemistry to structural biology to analyze interaction between proteins, RNA, lipids, and ligands. The transcription cycle is regulated by cyclin-dependent kinases that phosphorylate the RNA polymerase II. We analyze the transition from transcription initiation to productive elongation in eukaryotic cells. We study the molecular and structural mechanisms that determine the activity and regulation of transcription-controlling kinases, as well as their inhibition by small molecular compounds. We recently also focused on the analysis of receptor activation of NLRP3 and forma-tion of the NLRP3/ASC/caspase inflammasome. Besides NACHT-domain containing proteins, Toll-like receptors, RIG-I and the cGAS-STING pathway mediate the immune-recogni-tion of pathogens. We aim at identifying target sites in these immune regulators that allow for the specific interference with the immune system, e.g., by small molecular compounds.

Recent publications

  • Pyroptosis inhibiting nanobodies block Gasdermin D pore formation.

    Nature communications

    Authors: Anja Kopp, Gregor Hagelueken, Isabell Jamitzky, Jonas Moecking, Lisa D J Schiffelers, Florian I Schmidt, Matthias Geyer

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  • The reversible inhibitor SR-4835 binds Cdk12/Cyclin K in a non-canonical G-loop conformation.

    The Journal of biological chemistry

    Authors: Maximilian Schmitz, Ines H Kaltheuner, Kanchan Anand, Robert Düster, Jonas Moecking, Andrii Monastyrskyi, Derek R Duckett, William R Roush, Matthias Geyer

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  • Insights into the molecular basis and mechanism of heme-triggered TLR4 signalling: The role of heme-binding motifs in TLR4 and MD2.


    Authors: Marie-T Hopp, Janine Holze, Felicitas Lauber, Laura Holtkamp, Dhruv C Rathod, Maria A Miteva, Elisa B Prestes, Matthias Geyer, Bénédicte Manoury, Nicolas S Merle, Lubka T Roumenina, Marcelo T Bozza, Günther Weindl, Diana Imhof

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